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    Drug Delivery System (약물전달시스템)

    Bone Marker (골형성 및 골흡수 표지자)

    In the pharmaceutical product development filed, Drug
    Delivery systems are gaining attention as a means of
    maximizing the therapeutic benefits of pharmaceuticals.
    With DDS, drugs can be used more effectively by 
    helping to deliver the optimum amount of drug at the
    correct time to the desired location in the body.  

    Biochemical markers of bone turnover play an important
    role in the elucidation of the complexs processes
    regulating bone turnover. In both basic and clinical
    research and development they enables a rapid,
     sensitive and dynamic assessment of bone resorption and formation.                                          

    Drug metabolism & Toxicity(약리대사·독성)


     In vitro techniques based on cDNA-expressed
    enzymes, human tissue, and cell culture allows
    researchers to screen for drug-druginteractions,
    metabolic stability and bioavailability early in the
    drug development                      



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