In the pharmaceutical product development field, Drug Delivery System(DDS) are gaining attention
as a means of maximizing the therapeutic benefits of pharmaceuticals. With DDS, drugs can be
used more effectively by helping to deliver the optimum amount of drug at the correct time to the
desired location in the body. They do this by performing a number of tasks, including maxmizing
the biological activity of the drug, suppressing any side effects, accurately delivering the drug to
the target area, optimizing the drug's chemical stability and fine-tuning its metabolic activity in the

Through its DDS Development Business, NOF supples highly original drug formulation ingredients
and technologies developed using the company's unique synthesis, refining and quality control

  1. Activated PEG for PEGylation
  2. Phospholipids and Lipids for Liposomal Formulations
  3. Ultra-Purity Polysorbate 80(HX2)
  4. Ultra-Purity Polysorbate 20(GS)