BD Biosciences is dedicated to the development of novel system for the in vitro
analysis of xenobiotic(drug) metabolism and toxicity.           Our scientists are
internationally recognized as leaders and innovators in cytochrome P450
cDNA-expression and in vitro xenobiotic metabolism techniques.

Demonstrated commitment to research has been rewarded by the receipt of several
NIH grants. The results and applications of our research are reported in
peer-reviewed journals and at international symposia by both our scientists and
our colleagues/ customers in xenobiotic metabolism.

BD Gentest products and services were first launched in 1983, initially focusing on
the use of cultured human cells in GLP genotoxicity assays.
In 1985, the company expanded research activities into the area of xenobiotic
metabolism by developing cytochrome P450 cDNA-expression approaches.

This led to the first commercial offering of cDNA-expressed human cytochrome
P450 enzymes in 1990. Since that time, the range of BD Gentest Products,
human cytochrome P450 forms and other xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes, as
well as the specific activity of enzymes in our products, has increased dramatically.

In addition to supplying cDNA-expressed cytochrome P450 and other drug
metabolizing enzymes, BD Biosciences produces or distributes:

BD Biosciences also provides GLP and non-GLP contract research in pharmacology: